Windows Vista Startup Problem – How to Fix Vista Startup Problems Instantly

What kind of Windows Vista startup problems are you encountering? You Windows Vista computer does not boot up properly. Or the Vista system takes a long time to boot. Perhaps you are also annoyed by the error messages such as hard drive not found, system boot failure, some file is missing or even blue screen of death and black screen error when you try to start Windows Vista. Fortunately there are some easy methods for fixing Vista startup problems.

# 1 Fix Slow Windows Vista Startup – In Minutes

If you frequently download and install applications on your Vista computer, there should be lots of programs on the startup. Most of the executable files will be launched automatically when you start the computer. These programs will slow down the startup speed by eating up system resource and take a long time for being loaded. That is why you have to wait for minutes to enter the Vista system completely. To fix slow Windows Vista startup problem, you can do this: Click Start – Type in msconfig – And click on the msconfig shown on top of the menu. Under the "Startup" tab, you can choose any programs you do not want system to load.

# 2 Fix Error Messages, Blue Screen of Death, Black Screen on Windows Vista Startup Instantly

Here are some reasons would probably cause startup problems

* Conflicts among corrupt system files
* Missing, outdated or incompatible drivers
* Corrupt, missing, invalid or malicious Windows registry
* Hard drive bad track
* Incorrect startup configuration settings

Most of the Vista startup problems can be fixed by repairing the Windows registry. Registry is a very crucial part of the Windows system. Even a corrupted or malicious registry can make you encounter Vista boot failure. However, it is really hard and risk to fix registry errors manually. An incorrect deletion of registry entry will bring more troubles to your computer and perhaps damage it. A professional registry cleaner can help you scan and fix all of the registry errors safely and instantly. Registry repair software can not only fix startup problems but also can speed your Vista computer up and make it run more stable.

Source by Jason Cihon