Startup Sales Tools that Will Help You Grow

Every startup faces challenges on the path to steady growth – and having the right set of tools in your tech stack can make a world of difference.


Whether you’re just starting out and trying to land your first customers or trying to keep your momentum going by optimizing your sales process, you should take advantage of a range of startup sales tools designed to make your job easier.

1. Clearbit

Clearbit offers a few separate but related products that make prospecting and outreach easier for sales teams. For instance, Clearbit Connect is free sales intelligence software that allows you to find anyone’s email address in seconds. Not only does it help you find new leads, it also helps you build a connection by displaying information about the individual and the company next to every conversation in Gmail.

2. Hunter

We’ve plugged this tool before and it’s worth mentioning again, because It’s such an essential part of any startup’s sales stack. Here’s why: Hunter makes it fast and convenient to find just about anyone’s email address.

It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply enter the website of the business you want to contact and Hunter will return every email associated with the site. It’s also budget-friendly – because it’s free to use. You can create an account and get 100 free searches per month before you need to think about upgrading.

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3. Growlabs

Growlabs is more than just another tool for identifying and warming up leads – it uses machine learning to supercharge your growth rate by automating your most time-consuming lead gen activities. The technology is able to locate and identify high-quality leads plus reach out to them with an automated email sequence. 

4. LeadGnome

LeadGnome is email mining platform that helps sales and marketing teams run effective campaigns, generate more leads, and track and automate their email outreach efforts. The cloud-based software digs into your existing email conversations to identify potential leads mentioned in previous replies. According to LeadGnome, this type of email mining can grow your contact list by 20% or more each year.

5. RevBoss

You can use RevBoss to put your outbound sales development on autopilot. The platform uses a combination of software and real human sales experts to automate sales prospecting and lead generation activities. It’s geared towards SaaS businesses looking to build more effective lists and ramp up sales quickly.

6. Maître

Adding this handy widget to your website does more than just get people to sign up for your wait list. It helps build excitement and spread the word about new products or services leading up to a launch. How? By rewarding leads for referrals.

Whenever a new lead joins the wait list based on a referral, the person who referred them gets bumped up to a higher-priority spot on the list.

7. Reply

Automate prospecting activities and outreach by sending personalized outreach and follow-up emails with Reply. It saves your reps time on lead generation, which means they can focus their extra time and resources on actually selling and securing your next win. Plus, you’ll never lose a deal because you forgot to follow-up with a lead.

8. Boomerang

One of my personal favorite tools for managing your inbox, Boomerang makes it easy for Gmail users to schedule send times in advance and set email reminders. If you don’t have time to respond to a message when you first receive it, you can temporarily remove it from your inbox and tell Boomerang when you’d like to see it again.

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9. Growbots

Not only does Growbots build a targeted list for you, it also initiates outreach automatically by sending out a personalized email sequence and timely follow-up messages. With access to a database of over 200 million contacts, Growbots uses artificial intelligence to identify your ideal prospects and deliver email campaigns to key decision makers.

10. NeverBounce

Part of successful sales prospecting is optimizing your email deliverability rate. This means keeping your list clean to avoid bounces. Well, NeverBounce is like a pressure washer for your email lists. For less than one cent per email address, NeverBounce automatically cleans your lists, allowing you to reach more inboxes and make sure your email campaigns get where you want them to go.