How to Start a Gift Wrapping Service

During the holidays, many people dread the idea of wrapping piles of gifts for each person on their list. So a gift wrapping service that covers this process for them could really attract a ton of customers this time of year.


This opportunity could be especially beneficial for creative entrepreneurs and those who are looking to start a business with little to no money. But there are still some essential steps involved in the startup process.

Start a Gift Wrapping Service

Outline a Business Model

There are a few different ways you could structure a new gift wrapping business. You might work from home and target recurring clients, like businesses that send a lot of corporate gifts. Or you could partner with retail locations or set up a gift wrapping station in a busy shopping district. You’ll need to figure out the basic type of service you want to start before getting started.

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Come Up With a Name

Every business needs a name. And with a gift wrapping service, you can get pretty cute and creative if that’s your style. Choose something that clearly tells people what you do, but maybe include a quick joke or holiday related pun as well.

Register Your Business

Just as you would with any other business, you should also follow all of your state and local rules for getting officially started. Register your name and check with your city or local chamber of commerce for any other requirements. This type of business shouldn’t have too many requirements, but you may still need to register.

Refine Your Technique

If you’re interested in starting a gift wrapping business, you’re probably already pretty skilled in this area. However, when you’re working with customers, you might come across even more weirdly shaped or large items that require extra attention. So it may be worth practicing these types of jobs so you can deliver a quality wrap job every time.

Consider a Niche

What’s your hook for getting people to use your service instead of going in another direction? Aside from the convenience factor, you might also offer something special like eco-friendly wrapping, custom designs, reusable packaging materials, or even delivery. This might not be necessary for every business, but could be especially beneficial in busy shopping areas with multiple wrapping providers.

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Set Prices

You’ll also need to come up with a formula for pricing your gift wrapping service. You could go by the size of the gift, the type of wrapping people choose, the time it takes to wrap or even offer extras like custom lettering for tags. If you’re not sure where to start, research other wrapping services in your area or calculate the supplies and time you spend on each item. Make sure you also factor in things like the time you spend running the back end of your business and money you spend promoting your services.

Source Supply Wholesalers

When you’re wrapping tons of gifts for customers, you’ll need more wrapping paper and supplies than you probably have lying around the house. Find wholesalers for things like paper, boxes, tape, ribbons, and gift tags so you can keep prices manageable and have a constant supply of everything you need.

Promote Your Services

Once your gift wrapping service is up and running, you need to find ways to bring in customers. The exact methods you choose will vary depending on your business model. If you’re just trying to work with local retailers, you might contact the downtown development association or go into shops directly. If you want to work with individual shoppers, you could invest in a pop up booth or put up some signage telling people where to find you.